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Stretch Hood

    • Stretch Hood

      The experience obtained over all these years means we can optimise use of Stretch Hood making us benchmark suppliers in the palletised load packing sectors.

      The Stretch Hood represents a great technological step forward as no heat source is required, so it has great advantages for our customers.

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      • Strength:: Working with a smaller hood perimeter than the load gives constant horizontal and vertical tension that keeps the load compact without damaging the product.
      • Stability: There is the possibility of overlapping the film below the pallet, creating perfect cohesion between the load/pallet that prevents damage due to stability problems during storage and transport.
      • Impermeability: The load is protected against water and dust even when stored outside for a long period.
      • Optical properties: The hoods’ optical properties in terms of shine and transparency along with the absence of folds and holes guarantee excellent presentation that makes the load perfectly visible.
      • Traceability: Thanks to the film’s transparency, it is possible to use labels and read barcodes under the hood, making sure they do not get damaged or lost.
      • Inviolability: It is easy to detect when a load has been tampered with once wrapped.
      • High palletising frequency: Up to 150 pallets an hour.
      • Film saving: The stretch film is an economy packing system as it works with a smaller perimeter of film than the load thereby reducing plastic consumption.
      • Energy-saving: No combustion heat source is required.
      • Safety: It avoids potential dangers linked to gas installations.
      • Quality: As heat does not have to be applied, load properties are not altered and there is no danger of the film sticking to it.


    Characteristics Unit Values
    Tube perimeters mm 1.920 to 4.800
    Thicknesses µm 40 to 180
    Max reel diameter mm 1000
    Cardboard cores mm ø int. 76 / 152
    Plastic cores mm ø int. 76
    Colours According to requirement
    Bi-colours According to requirement
    Online printing 3 colours/2 sides
    UVI protection months 6 / 24
    Anti-static additive - Yes
    Slip COF 0,15 to 0,50
    Other additives According to requirement
    Perforation Macroperforado
    Corona treatment dynas/cm 38 to 44

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