The Plastigaur Converting department is equipped with high performance machinery and highly qualified staff.

At Plastigaur, we are backing SOLVENT LESS technology in lamination, with the latest progress on the market regarding productivity and process control.

Our Converting line is fitted with software and built-in periphery systems giving metre-by-metre product traceability, exporting the information to any PC.

As a lamination complement, Plastigaur has a rewinding section capable of cutting 700 m/min, with a minimum cutting width of 5 cm and a tolerance of 1 mm.


  • Lamination width: 600-1300 mm.
  • PMaterial run: 630-1300 mm.
  • Maximum weight: 1250 kg.
  • Maximum diameter: 1000 mm.
  • Maximum speed: 450 m/min.
  • Processable material thickness:
  • LDPE, LLPE: 20-150 micra.
  • OPA: 15-50 micra.
  • PET: 12-30 micra.
  • Paper: 40-100 gsm.
  • BOPP: 15-60 micra.