After 25 years’ experience in the packaging sector, R&D+i plays a fundamental role in our development. Our daily work at Plastigaur involves creating new projects and solutions that satisfy the most demanding needs.

Innovation Policy

Guaranteeing excellence in terms of quality and service to our customers, we have developed an Innovation Policy founded on the following action points:

    • Innovation is aimed at serving our customers through a strong, long-term relationship based on credibility and trust.

    • Encouraging an “innovative culture” that permeates through the organisation and develops motivational working atmospheres that encourage and reward generating ideas, accepting the risk and acknowledging creative contributions.

    • Working alongside our suppliers allows us to be at the cutting edge of new issues, developing innovative new products and offering improvements in our product range.

    • Being pro-active in terms of developing solutions for new applications required by packaging industry both in terms of products and services.

    • The latest technological resources, along with our passion for research, allows us to develop new materials that optimise consumption in our customers’ packaging lines.